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Original Guinness widget Original Guinness Widget Theakston’s. Tap Stream  Theakstons Tap Stream Guinness have now introduced the SURGER For more information click here for their web site. Early attempts at putting a fizz  into a can and giving it a  hand pulled  appearance was the Paper fan, this went the full length of the can and was held in place by a plastic insert, not a great succes. Stones Bitter,  In-Can-Draught. Paper fan A variation on the Original Guinness widget with the addition of  tube like on a Biro pen. The idea was that the gas was released above the top of the Lager and not in the liquid thus sending it flying out through the top of the can. Murphys Stout and Fuggles Imperial Draughtflow Murphy's Stout and Fuggles Imperial Draught flow, Castle Eden Brewery County Durham

The thing that gives your draught beer in a can its head, is now commonly known as a "Widget".

It was invented by Guinness in the  early 1980's.

It is simply a small piece of plastic with a small hole leading to a small volume of air, which of course, is mostly nitrogen.

This widget is placed into the can before the beer, then the beer is poured in, and the can is sealed. Apparently then the beer becomes naturally pressurised, which forces a small amount of beer (1%) into the widget. This small amount of beer, as a result, displaces and therefore pressurises the air within the small volume of the widget.

When the can is opened, the entire contents come back down to atmospheric pressure. More importantly, the pressurised air in the widget gets forced out through the small hole in the widget with a great Fizz, aerating the beer in a similar manner that it was 200 years ago, and as if by magic, a perfect creamy head.

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Tetleys Tetley's Paper fan Murphys Irish Stout, floating widget. Murphy's Irish Stout, floating widget. Boddingtons Boddingtons Draughtflow John Smith John Smith, Smooth Guinness Bottle Guinness Bottle